From a Mai Tai in Maui to starting a new business

January 24, 2019

Cool surfing shirt with hula lula girl and saying Maui pizza.  Makes for a great surfing shirt or beach shirt.

By Activi-Tees

This is my first blog but I thought it would be fun to share the funny story that launched a tshirt company.  It all started on vacation in Maui, My girlfriend and I were sitting at a bar one after noon having mai tais and just joking around.  She was a bit tipsy and said something about Hula Lula and we both started laughing (too many mai tais).  We said to each other we should put that on a shirt and sell it.  We flew home and went on with our normal routine.

Fast forward about another year.  For some unknown reason I said remember that day in Maui with the Hula Lula idea?  She said yeah.  I was like lets do it, lets put it on a shirt and see if it sells.  About a week later we designed the shirt and had it made.  No sales for about a month and then all of a sudden it just started selling.  Till this day it is still our best selling shirt.  There it is the Mai Tai that launched our surfing tshirt business which eventually grew to cover all types of original tshirts.