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Class of 2018 Graduation T-Shirt.  This is the tee the class of '18 grads will love with colorful splash and caption "Class of 2018".  Great gift idea for son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson or granddaughter on graduation day.  Wether you are completing high school, college, nursing school, engineering school, design school or architecture school you will love this tshirt. Wear it under your cap and gown to go collect your diploma and wear it after words to the grad party.  Casual look but cool enough to wear to commencement address.  Sending your kid off to college this is the tee to give them as a gift and keep sake from their time in school.  Grandparents looking for the perfect gift for grandson or granddaughter?  You can miss with this relax fit shirt for men or women.

Class Of 2018 Splash 

Awesome monster wearing graduation cap with the caption 2018.  Great gift idea for son, daughter,niece or nephew on their grad day.  Wether they are graduating from Ledyard High School, Fitch High or UMASS Lowell or Princeton College this is the shirt for them.  Engineering Students and Nursing Students alike love this shirt and the graduating computer geek will love it.  The shirt was inspired by one of our designers who is a big gamer so it has the video game feel to it.  Perfect shirt for the college send off party or to wear while popping the cork on a bottle of champagne after college completion.  Wear this under your cap and gown when you go to receive your diploma.

Graduation Monster Tee

Great image of graduating senior wearing cap and gown and holding up diploma with caption "class of 2018".  Great high school or college graduations gift for son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew.  Send them off to university with a memory of days of cramming for final exams and passing on their way to grad or law school or med school.  You did it! Congrats to the Grad!  Great shirt for lounging in your dorm room or student union.  Celebrate your accomplishment and hard work.  Awesome job now go celebrate and party.

Cap & Gown Grad Tee

Psychedelic Splash 2018 Graduation T-Shirt For Son or Daughter.  This is a great flowery colorful grad tee for the son, daughter, niece or nephew who is completing another leg of their journey.  Wear this shirt under cap and gown to collect your diploma or give commencement speech. Wether they are completing high school, college, law school, med school or actuary school this is a shirt they will love.  Final exams are over and passed it is now time to pop the champagne and celebrate your accomplishments.  Great clothing for men or women with both relax fit and plus sizes we cater to all your needs.  This shirt comes in multiple colors and sizes and is made to be durable and last.

Class of '18 Grad Tee

2018 Graduation T-Shirt For The Dog Lover Gift. Cool graphic tee shirt with dog image and 2018 caption. Great funny dog shirt or dog college graduation shirt. If you have a son or daughter prepping for high school graduation this is the perfect gift.

Dog Graduation 2018

Nurses Rule 2018 Graduation T-shirt For Nursing Student. Colorful graphic tee with creative 2018 nurses rule tee. Gift idea for the son, daughter, niece, nephew, granddaughter or grandson. Graduation day t-shirt that says I did it. Many years of dedication and hard work have finally paid off and you will soon be a nurse. You are entering one of the most admirable professions in the world and dedicating yourself to helping others but it wasn't easy. You have put in many years of long hours and hard work this is the graduation day tee to celebrate with. The colorful graphics are beautiful and the theme of the shirt is very fun. Tell the world you did it with this shirt that jumps out and says hello world I'm a nurse as of 2018. Class of '18 nurses congrats! This is the tee made specifically for you so where it with pride and know that tomorrow your journey takes a different turn but for the better. Having put in so many years of hard work now you need to unwind and chill a bit this is the fun go lucky shirt to help you do just that. So when you take that oh so big and important walk to receive your diploma which can cause some butterflies, where this calming shirt under your cap and gown. This shirt says I did it! I am a nurse and I did it in 2018.

Nurses Rule 2018

Nursing Class of 2018 Graduation T-Shirt for Nurse. The big day has come after so many years of hard work. This tee features a circle with all the words describing what it took to become a nurse like resilient, persistent and driven. This nursing school graduation tee not only celebrates your great accomplishment but it also reminds people who read it what it took for you to get there. Amazing graphics on this shirt will make you look back in the recent past and reflect on what you have accomplished. As you head out into the world to embark on your journey in one of the most important professions in the world, reflect on what you have accomplished. This shirt yells I am special and echoes your commitment and commitment to helping others and making the world a better place. Not every one can become a nurse and not everyone knows how difficult it is but you have done it. Crack that bottle of champagne, pop the cork and put this shirt on under your cap and gown and go get that diploma. This is a great gift idea for the daughter graduating nursing school or the niece graduating nursing school. Years from now when you reflect on what you have accomplished this will be one of the biggest days of your life so enjoy it. Class of 2018 you have done it now is the time to celebrate. Congratulations!!

Nursing Class of 2018

Leaping Nurse Graduation T-Shirt 2018 For Nursing Student. After many long years of study it is finally over and you are ready to start adulting and join the working ranks. The years of study and hard work have paid off you are now a nurse. Graduating nursing school is no easy task but you have done it and now there is one last step which is to grab your diploma. Where this nursing school shirt under your cap and gown when you take that most important of walks. This tee features a nursing school graduate jumping for joy over an image of 2018 the year you will always remember for this accomplishment. Mom and Dad you have supported your nursing student through many years of ups and downs to finally see them grab the golden ring. This is the perfect gift idea for your son or daughter nursing student who will in a matter of days be called a nurse. This is a huge victory for you and your young nurse. They will be entering a life of selflessness and giving and it is a proud moment for you and them both so be sure to celebrate with them. This tee says I know it was hard but I am so proud of you for putting in all the time and work to meet this lofty goal. The years of nursing school will soon be over and with the end of school you will take many memories with you. Now is the time to celebrate with your class mates and reflect on how much you have accomplished. Tomorrow you begin your career in the great nursing profession and will help 1,000's of people over your career. You knew getting into this that the nursing career path would be long and tough but you faced it head on and came out victorious. This nurse shirt can not possibly show how excited you are to have completed this journey but it is as much as a shirt can do. Your next journey now begins and putting forward the same amount of energy and drive you used to graduate nursing school, you will be equally successful in your nursing career.

Jumping Nurse Graduation Tee

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We create and design original graphic tees for every style and interest. The surfing collection features surfing t-shirts with action images and funny surfer saying shirts and surfer saying shirts. Our designers have varied backgrounds from surfers, to gamers, to medical professionals and sales professionals and we use all of those backgrounds to create what we think are some of the most original t-shirts on the market.

Graduation Tees

It is almost time for the Class of 2018 to graduate. Check out our Class of 2018 Graduation T-Shirts to celebrate your accomplishment. Wether you are graduating high school, college, law school, prep school, nursing school or med school we have great graduation tees for you. Are you looking for the graduation gift or graduation present for soon to be grad? Activi-Tees has the shirts to make an impression on your future graduate. Thanks for considering Activi-Tees for your graduation t-shirt needs we hope you will come back if you have another t-shirt need.

Nursing School Graduation

Class of 2018 Nurses will be graduating very soon this is a time for celebration and reflection. Maybe you are the mom or dad of a nursing student. Why not get your young nurse a shirt that says I know and understand the hard work you have put in and I am so proud of you. Great cool graphic nurse graduation shirts and funny nurse graduation shirts available.

National Nurses Week Is Coming May 6 - May 12
Nurses spend all of their time giving to others and helping others. This is the week to thank them with a nurse appreciation shirt or National Nurse Week T-shirt. Or if you are a nurse these are the shirts to grab to show your nurse pride. Take some time out of your busy life to appreciate yourself and the amazing commitment you have made by choosing a career in nursing. Thank You!

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